It is a seller's market

Selling your property can be seen as a real milestone in life and monumentally stressful if it is not executed correctly with the right agent. Not only is it emotionally distracting, if the property is in the market for too long it can have an adverse perception from the buyer. So what are the key considerations and preparation when you sell you property? Please read below to find and get the inside edge.

Everest Realty's Top Sellers Tips

1.  Do your own research. Take the time to research for yourself what you think your home is worth, compare it to other properties in your area that are currently for sale. It can be difficult but try to take the emotion out of it and compare fact with fact. It’s very important you are realistic about your listing price and remember it’s the market that ultimately dictates this price. The biggest hindrance to a property listing is when it’s overpriced and becomes a stale listing because it’s not priced inline with what the market is paying.

2.  Decide on your lowest price. Decide on the absolute minimum you will accept for your property and make sure all the owners or interested parties agree.

3.  Are you motivated to sell. Being as flexible as possible with open home times, private inspections and the time required for professional photos etc etc can make all the difference. The market can change radically so when you decide to sell you need to be 100% committed to maximize your selling price.

4.  Finish off those odd jobs. Often there are those little things we put off until the last minute. It’s good to finish off all those little left over choirs. A fresh coat of paint here the odd touch up there can often increase the final price paid by someone for your property.

5.  Presenting your property. You only have one chance to make a first impression. It’s time to clean and de-clutter to give you the best chance of sale and maximize the price. Removing an excess of personal items such as photos can be a good idea as it helps buyers when looking in your property to imagine themselves living there without seeing someone else’s family.

6.  Photography. Professional photography is a must. Competition can be fierce and considering more than 80% of buyers search for property online you can’t afford to not have your property photographed and picture perfect. Sales agents will often have recommendations for this as a part of their selling proposal.

7.  Marketing your property.  Every agent is going to have a different idea on marketing and advertising for your property hence each will have different costs associated. It’s up to you to decide which will give you the best value for money and the most exposure to the market and remember sales agents are just that and they are there to both sell you on themselves and their company and to also sell your house. Choose carefully & set a budget of which you are comfortable with.

8.  When is the right time to sell? Anytime is a good time to sell, predominantly you will have more chance of securing a better sales price when there are less properties on the market because of less competition, a lot of the time this is around holiday periods even though things slow down in real estate, many people don’t list during this time but those who do can potentially reap the rewards.

9.  Maximize Street Appeal. Many people will drive by a property first before even inquiring, your lawn and exterior need to be in tiptop shape. If they are not chances are the buyer will not even spend the time inquiring about an inspection.

10. Open Inspections. Chances are most people looking at your home on one of these days have seen other homes as well. It’s very likely your competition is in fine form and the presentation is spot on its time to make sure all of the above has been executed correctly so you get the desired result.

With over 25 years experience selling property in Sydney and access to an expansive list of satisfied Asian and non-Asian investors acquired over the years of operations, please contact the team at Everest Realty so we can help with the selling of your property today.

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