Styling tips to get your property sold

Ensure exteriors of the property are clean with paint to be no-peeling and fresh. Repaint the exterior if the it looks worn or in a non-neutral bold colour. Mow the lawn so its neat and tidy, pathways are pressure cleaned and swept, gardens are weed-free, windows are clean. fix and repaint fences, remove rubbish and accumulated junk.clean all exterior furniture, and use pots and plants to break up spaces in the backyard.Never under estimate the impression generated from the first time an potential investor set his or her sights on the property.

Remove mess, unnecessary furniture and personal items in the house to enable buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves in the property - create simple, well lit, clean, spacious ares that flow in the property. if budget permits, rent and style property with the right furniture that is relevant to your target market and the lifestyle you're aiming to portray if your existing furniture is not appealing. Once again this enable the buyer imaginations (especially if they are not very imaginative) of what the property could achieve. have the right scent (i.e. candle, sprays) and fresh flowers during open house to make the property more inviting and livable. Ensure lights are all working and using warm white lights for positive mood.

Colour palette
keep your home in neutral colours will appeal to a wider cross section of buyers and enable their imagination in living in the property. This applies to walls, carpet, feature walls, curtains,blinds,floor boards. Clean and vacuum the house thoroughly.

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