Maximise Your Morning Routine for Business Success

Your First 3 Hours are Make or Break

We’ve all know that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, but did you know that your first 3-4 hours of work are also the most important for business success?

To increase the level of quality output, you need to know that shortly following sleep, your mind is at the optimum for engaging in your most thoughtful and diligent work. There is also evidence that your self-control and descipline, are also strongest directly after sleep.

Your body and mind are believed to be at the sharpest and most ready to do your finest work during the first part of your day, while being more resistant to temptations that could hinder your productivity.

hence, if you are using that precious time for anything other than what’s most important to achieving your important goals that day, then you’re not being productive. If you deal with the sea of emails or anything else that’s not your priority, then you need to sincerely consider making changes if you want to boost your business success. 

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